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Property & Finance News – May 2019

A Liberal win in the Federal Election means no changes to Capital Gains Taxation or Negative Gearing. More importantly the unsureness or nervousness surrounding the proposed Labor changes have gone away...

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Have you considered this strategy as First Home Buyer ?

Rent-vesting' !!
Are you familiar with the term ?
Rent-vesting is when you rent where you want to live and invest where you can afford to buy (this is a strategy sometimes used...

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What to consider when buying investment property ?

Buying your own home remains the great Australian dream – and purchasing a second property may help you take your wealth further. Whether you're building your property investment portfolio,..

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Finance for First Home Buyers

It's not what you SAVED… It's what you've SPENT!
That's right… It's not what you saved it's what you've spent that is hurting first home buyers in 2019. If you've chatted to a great mortgage broker lately,..

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What are the costs involved when Refinancing, Is it worth it ?

Exit costs when refinancing
Refinancing can be a great way to save money if you believe you are paying too much for your loan, but there is more to it than just finding a loan with a lower interest rate...

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What's happening in Brisbane property market

In Brisbane, the housing market has continued on its steady growth pattern in most investment grade suburbs. The median house price for the Brisbane LGA of $667,500 shows growth of 25.9% over 5 years...

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