Buyer Agent

Buyer agents are people that offer to buy property on behalf of other parties. It means the buyer agent represents the buyer in a real estate deal. The buyer agent’s work is to ensure your needs align with the end result perfectly. They can act as your guide to help you with the best real estate advice you can get. Apart from this, our trustworthy buyer agents offer a series of real estate services to our clients.

Help to buy the right property

A buyer agent can find a property solution based on the buyer's need and their affordability. Our trusted buyer agent keeps their eyes on the hottest properties that fit your needs and start doing the process to get you to your dream home. Their knowledge, real estate expertise, and client-handling capabilities make them stronger than others. 

Educate you with a better solution

The buyer agent understands the thought process of the buyer- it means half of the job is already done. Whatever kind of property you need ( Condo, co-op, single-family home), buyer agents work differently for every process. Our buyer agents are smart enough to educate you about the unique solution you can get. They also look into legal processes, documentation, and real-estate related questions.


Roles of Buyer Agent

  • Listen & Understand your questions better
  • Manage all documents & legal paperwork
  • Provide advice to help you with mortgage approval
  • Ensuring home owning Insurance
  • Offer accurate contracts for utility transfer
  • Help you determine your needs & affordability

Home Buying Process

Square1property group understands your dream of you having a home. Our team has put all the effort to turn it into your reality. With years of experience in real estate, we take the stress out of finding your home. In simple words, we work with you to find the best property for your families & get a clear path for you to get in.

If you're a home buyer and want to know which home better fits your requirements, we will help you. We will take proactive steps to make sure the home buying process is easy & you can take pride in your homeownership.