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Property Management in Brisbane ?

Square1 Property Group make managing your properties easy and stress free. Good communication between property managers, landlords and tenants is critical to a great working relationship and successful property management. Top property managers are hard to find so we have hand selected and partnered with expert local property managers to take care of all aspects of your property management and make the process hassle free. We keep a close eye on all of our properties, inspecting them each quarter and providing you with detailed reports.

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It is our business to look after your properties like they were our own.

Property Management

Maximise Rent

Our property management specialists review the current market conditions to help you optimise your rent return and realise the potential of your property asset.

Property Management

Minimise Vacancy

Having a vacant property is a dreaded scenario for property investors. Our specialist property managers provide you with advice on what rent to set to minimise vacancy.

Property Management

Strict Arrears Management

We review arrears daily and have a follow up system to ensure rents are paid on time.

Property Management

Regular Inspections

Property management is never set and forget. Our managers undertake regular inspections and provide detailed condition reports to ensure that your property is well looked after and routine maintenance is carried out.

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