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Property Purchases in Brisbane ?

Square1 Property Group help you find, negotiate and secure the ideal property at the best price. We will not only search and find properties, we'll also assist with negotiation, ensuring you pay the best price.

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Property Purchases

Find your family home

You've probably realised by now that buying a home in Brisbane can be a stressful process. Buying your family home can be a simple and pleasurable experience with us.

Property Purchases

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Property is a great way to invest your money and can provide excellent returns if you do it right. We will give you exactly what you need to help you make a solid and informed investment.

Property Purchases

Find a commercial property

Commercial property provides a solid investment platform to build your real estate portfolio. Benefits of commercial property are Solid cashflow from long term leases, apital growth from locations in commercial centres and Better quality of tenant that pays outgoings.

Property Purchases

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We Make Managing your Properties Easy and Stress-Free. Top property managers are hard to find so we have hand selected and partnered with expert local property managers to take care of all aspects of your property investment and make the process hassle free.

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